So recently on here.. Like really recently a boy who is my age or a year older, but same grade in school as me started talking to me. Well he lives in a couple states over. But I'm gald we started talking, we as of two nights ago or so started talking on the phone. I guess that's a positive part of my life right now. The fact that he came into it. Anyway, the thing that struck me in our conversation was when he made a comment "you must think I'm a saint then," and honestly the first thing that came to my mind was "yes". I couldn't put it into words why, I still can't but I guess that is what I want to rant about at this moment. I think he is a saint in his own way. I mean it seems like he truely cares. And although I don't gush to him about stuff and we don't talk in depth about stuff, it's just nice to have someone in my life currently who doesn't think of me as this girl who is entirely messed up to a degree where being around me is a hassel or a pain. I feel as if a lot of people think that of me right now. I guess. The concept of a saint to me lately is somone who will stay on the phone in silence with you, listen, and also talk about things whether important or not. Someone who will stick around whether they know your situation or not. A saint, to me, is someone who touches someone elses life. Okay so maybe not a saint, but more like (this is going to sound cheesy) but more like a guardian angel. But I also don't want to put that term down either, because well. A guardian angel is too…hmm i just feel like that's too much of a bigger concept. LIke he's not here to protect me and I would never want him to feel he has to do that kind of job. I guess what overall I though about was that he came into my life unexpectidly and I feel like for once i have a friend who well knows in some sense what's going on but wont judge me. I've never really had a friend that will spend an hour or two on the phone wiht me just to talk about literally anything. Or even wont say goodbye until they know I am okay. I think that kind of thing is rare. And I don't know how long this connection between me and him is gunna last. But I just feel luck that I even have the privilage to talk to him.


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