In My Mirror


What I see in my mirror

triggers a depression deep inside

A self image I'm not happy with

a picture of someone I need to hide.

My self-hatred has burned a hole in me

that sears through to the bone

My own uninviting vision

is all I've ever known.

I hate my looks, I hate my life

it's caused me so much pain.

My mind won't let me see past this

It's embedded in my brain.

I've no self-esteem or confidence

just an unsightly reflection of me

I see a repulsive, horrid recluse

In my mirror, that's what I see.

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  1. HoneyBunny 10 years ago

    You are a talented writer, but I hope that one day you'll find beauty and joy from looking in the mirror.  Don't let the feelings of self hatred define who you are, my friend.  May peace be with you.



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