First time blogger here!  Just felt the need to get things off my chest…and its even more helpful to tell people who might know what I'm talking about 🙂

 My anxiety has been pretty good and under control for the past few months.  I have been making a lot of effort to get out and about and push myself to do things I find uncomfortable.  I feel like for right now I might get anxious when I go out and I might not have a wonderful time…but if I can tolerate it thats good enough (for now).

But this week I feel like I'm slipping backwards a bit. I have always had a lot of paranoia about my health (theres nothing wrong with me that I know of).  Its something I am working on with my therapist b/c we know it is mainly caused b/c my dad died from heart problems about 6 years ago and I was in the room with him when it happened.  So when I first started having trouble with anxiety my obsession was with my heart.  I have slowly accepted the idea that my heart is fine but it is still hard for me to not be paranoid about other things.

I am sure most of you can relate to all of the weird symptoms that anxiety can cause.  The chest pains, the shortness of breath, feeling like you're going to faint, dizziness.  My main thing right now is killer headaches…like to the point my head feels like it is burning.  My doctor told me she doesnt think I have anything wrong…thats its just tension headaches…so now I am having massage therapy.

I guess I am most worried b/c I have to get some blood work done and not only am I terrified of giving blood (I'm a fainter)…but I am also worried about the results.  I am definitely the kind of person who assumes the worst so I am mentally preparing myself for the worst news possible.  My family is very patient with me and very supportive, but I know they dont really understand how I feel.  I guess it would just be nice to know that I am not crazy for obsessing about this kind of stuff.

Thanks for listening!!

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  1. Rach 14 years ago

    I just want to say that I can so relate to what you're saying.  I get very caught up in feelings in my body that can easly whip up into a full blow anxiety attack.  I don't know what to worry about and what is just my head all worked up.

    I tend to assume the worst too.  HATE shots!!  So, nope not alone.  And thank you for sharring too cause I don't feel as alone either.

    I have to get all 4 of my wisdom teeth pulled on Tue.  I am planning on spending the weekend freeking out!  Kidding…sorta.  I am going to see how much I can stay in the moment this weekend.  "Worry is not preperation."



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