This poem is dedicated to my friend deadsoulx for all her support on my poems,

you say my poems are grand,

but I think they are as dry as the desert sand,

you say I have a skill,

but if I’m being honest I’m glad that’s how you feel,

I know I’m not the greatest,

I know I’m not the best,

but thank you deadsoulx,

you’re the opposite of a hex,

I hope you know how much you’re worth,

more than the water in the sea and all the critters on the earth,

your worth so much it’s hard to do,

put it into words for you,

your a very good friend and have a grand heart,

if someone ever hurts you I swear I’ll rip em apart :3

  1. deadsoulx 2 years ago

    aww!! omg i can cry!!! this is so sweet!! thank you so much BrokenDoll17 ,this means a lot , and by “a lot” i mean -“A LOTTTTTTTTT”.
    you are AMAZING!! and i would pray to god , for your life to be fair and better!!
    while god is busy with his other helpline customers , shouldnt we do something? – like kick the arrogant fucking boy’s ass? it would be a great pleasure!! and yeah speak up , okay? FOR YOUR OWN RIGHTS , YOU MUST SPEAK!!
    i am really hoping we could meet in the upcoming future!!
    love you tonsssss!! <3
    your poems are awesome!! they'll help you achieve great success!!!
    ps- i'm really crying , thank you so much for this wonderful poem. no one ever did this for me!
    loveeee youuu tonnsss again <3 x 1/0

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    • brokendoll17 2 years ago

      I love you more deadsoulx!!!! You’re a great friend i’m so happy you liked the poem! I enjoyed making it for you! I’m sorry your crying I love you tons more <3 x infinity

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  2. deadsoulx 2 years ago

    aww tears of *joy*
    aww love you too!!

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  3. deadsoulx2 11 months ago

    omg i miss you.

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