just wanted to let you know im still alive n kicking. lol

I havent been on in a long time.

Ill try to keep you all in my prayers and hope you do the same for me.

Well nothing much new here,

Im not much of a blogger but ill give it a shot.

My 20 yr old son needs to find a job, he plays wow way to much lol

I live in a older model moble home my mom bought for me around 2 yrs ago.

but it has alot of major problems because of its age. so im trying to figure out what to do next.

money is tight but prob is with most people now.

now for the good news?

I think ill get my ssi check raised and some back pay for money they have been taking out. I sure hope so.

my health isnt too bad, my 3 grown kids are pretty healthy and my grandson just has a cold.

one has a good job and thinking about starting his own buisness. Hes a plumber.

Well I always try to rember that there's some worse off than me.

That might sound kinda mean ect.. but its true and stops pitty partys.

I  check my email daily so if you send me a message ill get a notice and respond.

I need to work on my profile but untill I do check out my myspace page /ladypj

well take care all, may God bless you and Happy Holidays.

ps: alcohol is a depressent as far as im concerned so be care full.


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  1. LadyJ 13 years ago

    this one is corected and i cant delete the other.

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