Lately, I\'ve been getting tired of being let down and getting my hopes up just to be disappointed by guys. So, basically, I\'ve been solving that by keeping "on the down low." Maybe that\'s slang, kinda gangsta talk, but you know what I mean. 😛 Sometimes, I think it\'s good just to take a break.

Anywho, I\'ve been pretty sick the past few days actually. It\'s kinda weird, because I actually drank for the first time in the last several months this past weekend (or last weekend since it\'s the beginning of a new weekend). It seems like often times, when I do drink, especially if it has been a while since I have, then I notice I get sick shortly after that. I think it\'s rather interesting. I guess maybe the alcohol lowers my body\'s defenses, and then an illness strikes. Which I did enjoy my drinking this past weekend. I know I\'ve had trouble in the past with alcohol, but it doesn\'t take over my life anymore. I have more of a grip on it. I think maybe I was just going through a partying phase more in my early and mid 20\'s, but it has slowed down much more the past couple years, and I\'m glad. Almost nothing can make you feel more helpless than feeling like you have an addiction and feeling like you NEED a substance to survive in life. I think a lot of my addiction came from numbing how bad I felt with my condition and not being able to get help from doctors.

Anyway, enough of that… I wanna talk about some actual fun stuff. So, enough of this whole being let down, sickness, and addictions talk. Let\'s switch it up, shall we?

I\'m really very seriously contemplating getting a new pet. After my short-lived adventure with the baby rabbits, it made me realize I could be a responsible pet owner at this point in my life. So, I\'m debating on either… birds, hamsters, turtles, rabbits, ferrets, or chinchillas. I\'m leaning more towards birds, turtles, hamsters, or chinchillas. I\'m thinking one or two birds, hamsters, or chinchillas, and then two turtles maybe? I pretty much have the cage set up for all of them. If people are reading this, feel free to make a suggestion.\"\"

I\'m kinda curious what everyone is doing this Easter. I\'m hoping I\'ll have kicked my cold and virus to the curb moreso by Easter. The tricky thing about a cold is once you get one, it seems like it\'s hard to get rid of! Every time you think it\'s passing, it makes it\'s evil attack again. lol But I\'m working on it.

I decided this Easter to make my three-year-old nephew an Easter basket specially done by moi. Now, I do kinda spoil my nephew, especially around birthdays and Christmas. And Easter isn\'t really a huge holiday to me. But I don\'t know…. Sometimes, you just want to splurge and have some fun, you know? And with kids, it\'s easy to kinda bring out a child-like spirit in you and make you want to do cutesy stuff you know the kid will like (and that you\'ll secretly enjoy too, but blame it on that it\'s for the sake of the kid lol). Anyway, so, I got a plush Spongebob Squarepants tote Easter basket to put my nephew\'s stuff in. And I got some "Cars" ring pops, a Spongebob candy dispenser, an Elmo story book with a read-along CD, and a Winnie the Pooh dressed as an Easter lamb plush stuffed animal. Of course, I\'ll also put lots of candy. Oh, and I also got this little LED light-up bubble shooting gun that comes with two bottles of bubble mixture; but I doubt it\'ll get here in time. So, I might just give it as a random gift this summer. I\'m sure he\'ll love his Easter basket, which in return will make me feel great. And I got some little blue sequin bunny ears we can wear for fun. lol I blame it on my nephew. It\'s all for him…. Yup. 😛

Anywho, I\'m sure my mom will make lots of yummy stuff for Easter; and if I\'m feeling relatively better by Sunday, I might help her prepare some of it. Tomorrow, I\'m wanting to dye some Easter eggs. The crappy thing is my dad has been getting a lot of brown eggs lately. I think he\'s getting them from a guy who raises chickens. Anyway, I want just the plain white eggs. I think it\'ll make it turn out better with the coloration. Plus, I read this article that had some neat ideas about how to add a little pizzazz to the eggs. I might add some ribbon and adhesive beads and such. Not sure. Besides, that would be more "Alisha style" if I did that anyway. lol

But yeah, I hope everyone has a great Easter! I can\'t believe it\'s this Sunday. It kinda rushed me with ordering my nephew\'s stuff for making his Easter basket. But oh well. lol I got it done for the most part. Feel free to share what you might be doing this weekend for Easter!



O( )O Happy Easter!!!


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  1. Kimble 8 years ago

    Hamsters and chinchillas make excellent pets. They can be handled (soft and cuddly) and are easy to look after.

    I wouldn\'t recommend birds or turtles. Birds escape, can be noisy, and often live a very long time, they need special care they often do not get and get sick when they don\'t get it. Turtles also need special care that they often don\'t get, also live a very long time, and can spread disease to humans.

    Just my opinion, I have raised all of those animals before.

    Happy Easter to you too, and good luck with your new pet.

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