I have the hiccups right now and they are annoying. They need to go away! Anyways, Andrew (my mother's boyfriend's son) is here this weekend to spend the night. I was already mad for the whole situation because I don't like him in the first place but then last night happens. So I was getting tired around like 1 in the morning and wanted to go to bed. I told everyone this. So I go to bed and start to fall asleep. As I'm coming into tha REM sleep (fancy talk for deep sleep) I hear this burst of laughter. So I had to start the whole proxess over again. As I again come in my REM sleep, a burst of laughter wakes me up again. As you can tell I'm really not happy about this. Not only is it 2 in the morning by now but they have woken me up twice. So I get up and walk around the house for a bit while drinking a milk. Mom sees I'm aggravated and comes after me. I tell her my problem (it might not have been too nice, I was sleep deprived) and do you kne what she said? “it's the weekend.”(then got mad and left my room) NO IT'S 2 IN THE MORNING!!!! And it's not like it's the first freakin time they've woken me up multiple times at night. Her boyfriend has been working the night shift so he gets home at the midnight. They always leave the freaking lights on and they have the tv as loud as can freakin be!! So the weekend is my time to caught up on my sleep! I can't freaking do that if they are going to me louder then a freaking chain saw!~ My mother always defends those little monsters. I didn't even do anything last night and she got mad at me! Yes, because it's my fault that I'm tired and want to sleep! I'm so f-ing sorry! I'm just done with this weekend. Spring break I this week and I'm just can't wait till im all alone! My plan for the weekend is to just stay in my room and it's working so far. Wish me luck!


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