Hey, just wanted to warn everyone that there is a new virus running rampant out there! It locks up your computer and then acts like it is scanning for errors. The errors ar detected and you are asked to buy this program to fix them. Not only does the program not work, but they get your credit card number (to purchase the program) and use the info to charge items. If you crash, don't buy the program! Call whoever is your computer "doctor" and have them fix it! I got the virus and my computer had to go to the "computer hospital" for a couple of days. I felt lonely without it!

I have been having some anxiety attacks lately, and I'm not sure why. Talked to my therapist yesteday and she seems to think it happens when my plans are turned upside down. My husband is retired and doesn't plan ahead much, so he can turn my plans upside down by deciding he's going to or not going to do some of the chores he has on his "to do" list. He can be very industrious one day and do nothing the next. The problem comes in when he decides he'll work in a room I had planned to work on that day, or he won't do something he said he would do on a certain day. We are home together so much of the time, and we have a relatively small house, so it makes it difficult for me to plan ahead much. I need to "have a plan" for at least the next few days, but I'm constantly having to change because of him. I want the work done, so I don't dare complain, but it makes me really nervous! I think he thinks it is good for me and he's not going to change. He just does whatever the mood strikes him to do at any particular time, or chooses to just sit and watch TV and do nothing. Sometimes he moseys on off to the store for hours, the hardware store usually, looking for some obscure nut or bolt – whatever men look at for hours in the hardware store. I never know what to expect and it makes me a little crazy. It's great for him, because he does just as he pleases, but it screws up my whole day sometimes. Does anyone else have that problem? Maryanne

  1. stoneymahoney 11 years ago

    These kind of "viruses" are nothing new, they're called scareware or scamware and I see them all the time. They pose as anti-virus products and give you long lists of infections to scare you into paying for them. If you do that they pretend to fix the problems and just go away. If you don't remember having installed something on your computer and it's telling you there's a problem, don't trust it! Google the name of the software package and you'll quickly find out if it's authentic or not. They're usually very simple to remove, it's just a question of finding the instructions and being able to understand them, rarely takes more than 10 minutes for someone who knows what they're doing.


    And another quick heads-up – there *is* a Mac version of this kind of malware floating around now.

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  2. stoneymahoney 11 years ago

    Concerning your actualy problem, I don't know many men who plan ahead that far. They may have vague ideas, like fixing the car on monday and putting drain cleaner down the plugs on Wednesday, but as far as planning out in advance what we're going to do for the whole week, we just don't work like that. Unless something urgently has to be done at a specific time, we just do whatever comes to mind, even if that's sitting watching TV and there's a deadline coming up – as long as we think we have time to get everything done, we don't really bother about the order or when.

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