So Monday was the official last training ride of the season it was a short 12 miles from balboa park to the first rest stop of Eric Kamm's "go west riders" ride and then over to Brendan's house for the BBQ held in honor of the go west ride and memorial day weekend as well as celebrating the last training ride with all the riders we usually ride out with every weekend!  This morning I got my new set of wheels donated by my new friend Barry Elliott!! they are amazing, light-weight and super speedy…I must say the world of difference that they made on my bike from what I had before with the two different sizes and such…WOW…I could not thank him enough for making the ride a more enjoyable experience for me becuase of them!!

So here is my moment of conceit..actually the entire ride was a moment of conceit and achievement for me…with these wheels I didnt even have to try to peddle (I dont use clips..imagine if I did man I would FLY!!)..Vince and I again started at the back of the pack I was the last rider out as always..we were just gonna coast again..well I was coasting but at a fast about 18-19mph or something he clocked me at…to my usual 12-15!! and I wasnt going hard..I went from the back of the pack to "on your lefting" like no tomorrow..I NEVER on your left!! I even felt stupid saying it..but it was great…speedy wheels they called me today!! loved it..can someone please deflate my head now…but hey its a great feeling of accomplishment for the slowest rider in the world (me) to experience the "on your left" being spoken from their own lips…so we flew today and chilled for a while at the coffee bean before heading out as a large group back to Brendans BBQ…

I am proud of myself for keeping pace with the fast riders the whole way back on the ride back to Brendans..even on the uphill..I am very proud of myself and ready for ALC!! I will complete EVERY MILE even if it takes me from route open to close to do it!!

The BBQ was awesome Brian had a shave-a-thon to raise funds for myself and another rider who are behind on reaching the minimum..I wanna thank everyone that reached into their pockets to contribute when they didnt have to…the much publicisized and anticipated event raised $270!! thats $135 per rider..THANK YOU TEAM UTAC!!! It was a great party with yummy eats and treats and brendan got a gift from Eric and Peter wich was a stuffed Possum..Brendan's trademark greeting is "HELLLOOOO PPPOOOSSSSUUUMMSSS!!!" so it was very meaningful to him and he loved it!! He will definately be using it on the event as either bike helmet decoration or tent decoration!! I cant wait to see how its used!!

Well…I am shipping my bike off to SF tomorrow so no more riding for last ride will my ride over to the shipping place but that doesnt really count cuase I have to take the bus back home!! haha..There is 2 days until I leave for SF and I am nervous, excited and nervous some more..but I am so ready for this..BRING IT ON!!!!!

Thank you all for your continued love and support and please stay tuned for my daily ride blog!!



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