The butterfly in me

Mar 3, 2009, 9:47 pm

A change brews like a hot pot of stew,

deep within the inner workings of me,

So deep in my soul it cannot be seen as yet!

Nonetheless it sparks and buzzes along and really is quite noisy!

If you remain quiet though and watch intently

the grandest show will begin. . .

The spotlight appears

and there amidst it\'s glare she stands alone.

But oh no she is not who she was a year ago

The shell of ugliness broke away before our eyes

and she reemerges with a new self awareness.

One that she promises the audience will never be lost again

Shhh , I\'ll tell you her secret

It takes alot of prayers, some blood, some sweat, a bucket of tears,

and the times of reflection that are ongoing and daily.

But now you can visualize fully the butterfly in me.

Realize and know that I see how beautiful you too can be. If you only see. . .


by ChynaDoll mwah!


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  1. pink68 13 years ago

    Very Nice!

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