Here is one of my Poems. I hope you like it. It is a personal story about my self, But I believe that in our different ways. We have all had similar experiences.

Letter to Mom & Dad

Here I am today, living my own creation of life. It amazes me how the past, can cut you like a khife. I resent so many memories, that haunt me still today, thier love I hadrly knew, even after I moved away. Dysfunctional is the word, to describe how I grew up, so typical yet alarming, I often want to throw up. It's sad how easy it is, to remember something bad, a cloudy old photo, captures the good times that we had. Six individual lives, parents, siblings and me, what a life prediction, all we wanted , was to be free. We scattered like dandelion seeds, accross the USA, two sisters a brother, I'm the only one who's gay. We've kept in touch with each other, over the years, summonsing up the past, to end up shedding tears. When did we fall apart, from a family who cares, should we go about asking, if anyone really dares. I'm sorry Mom & Dad, we crumbled at the seems, I'd change if I could, one of my wildest dreams. I'll never send this letter, to my mom & dad, I'd never want to hurt them, I hated them so bad. Now as an adult, I have come to understand, forgiving is the key, if we want to walk hand in hand. I love you Mom & Dad, start remembering the good, we would do it all over again, if only we could. There's great value to my life, to this very day, I forgive you Mom & Dad, weather near or far away.


Duke Edward White

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  1. Chetakrider 15 years ago

    Thank you Duke. Yes I have had similar experiences and Sheila got it right….forgivness…..when due.

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