I have always had it at the back of my mind that whatever and whereever it will take me to effect a change in the lifes of people i will go the extra mile to do it because change is constant and you must have to instill in you the virtue of change before you can have a happy and longlasting peace with yourself.

  I want to tell you a story of a woman that  had the world all to herself but did not realize it.she was rich,famous,strong,celebrity and whatever you want to ascribe to a well known personality she possess it.

  She had houses,stores,boutique and just name it at her beck and call but one thing happened that altered the life of this woman,she had a terrible car accident that almost took her life and got her paralysed in half of the body whereby she cannot excrete by herself and with the help of a tube that is what she uses to easen her burden.

 You see this particular unfortunate incident drained her resources because doctors battled to secure her life and she spent all she had laboured to aquire in other to save herself.

  She came alive and broke all the paparazzi gone,boutique,gone,stores,gone and everthing gone.

  She became even more frustrated when the husband left her because he could not cope with her depressed state which happens to tear thier family apart.

  This particular lady fell deep into depression and was highly very frustrated that a once outgoing personality now turned to a social anxiety personality whereby she cant even talk to people not to talk to going out.

  Then one bright sunny day some thing also happened that tremendously changed the destiny of this womanshe was looking out of her window and saw a bird that had a broken wing and could not fly like her fellow mates but still manages to fend for herself by walking round the beautiful garden to get food which will further help to rebuild and strengthen her broken wings and this particular visual story turned the life of this woman around because she shouted aloud i am born to win,i can do it because my destiny is to win and i will do it.

  That singularact alone caused a spread of hormones in all her system which triggred healing and peace in her life making the once paralysed lady to become hale and hearty back making her to jump back to her feet and pick her pieces back again.

  So are you on the line of frustration,tired of living and so bitter with every thing, i  must confess to you that you are better and far more better than that paralysed woman that got her groove back on and you can also start by jumping and shouting i am born to win because its your birth right my dear.

  Take possession of your possession because you are destined to be great.


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