You would think that Christmas would have been great for me wouldn't you? And yes, it was – I did the Crib service in Church and I also served at the Midnight Mass…I also found out where I am going next year and I am excited about that too..The Priest in Charge seems really good and I will be working one day a week in the local College as Chaplain.

All this I am so excited about….. G on the other hand…well a day before Christmas eve, I rang him and I was in a fab mood, really playful etc… anyway at one point I said that I did compromise in our relationship as I always rang him and he didn't ring me…I just said 'you can't say that me phoning you isn't a compromise'

Anyway he said that he didn't care if I rang or not and that I was the one who wanted to keep in touch all the time..that with me it was all or nothing etc (which is true to be fair) Well I said 'you phone me for a change next time then' and he said 'fine' – At this point I said to him what he always says to me which was 'That'll be next year then'

From then it went from back to worse – he told me that he was fed up of my b/s and that he was going to bed….he then text me once on Christmas day saying 'Merry Christmas' and that was it.

I text last night (I had text previously but to no avail) and he said I could ring if I must…He I did..well he basically told me that I could either be in his life or not…it was up to me….that he was fed up of being a pretend boyfriend and that he wanted to be able to think about having a relationship with someone in the future without me causing him problems..

I'm sat here and all I can think is that I must be the ugliest – fattest and worthless person in the world. I must be – thats all there is to it – I'm just unlovable I think – I actually thought awhile ago that I might be lucky enough to get a boyfriend but no…I'm just not pretty or bright enough…Maybe I'll just have to get over that and forget having someone EVER tell me that I am loved…I'm so hurt you have no idea…….

  1. lexie69 12 years ago

    thanks so much guys – you are all FAB!!!!

    Whatever happens I hope I won't lose your friendships on here – they are all precious to me now!

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  2. Romeo 12 years ago

     There is never any good reason to take out one's frustrations on another person – especially one that you are supposed to care about! I'm sorry, but damn that man for putting his inadequacies upon you! That was a horrible story and my heart goes out to you. You are a wonderful and attractive woman; who has so much to offer the right man. However, it is up to you to have that realization, that you are such a worthwhile woman! Don't ever let any person, male or female, bring you down like that. All people treat us the way that we "allow" them to treat us. Keep you head up when people try to knock you down, it will let you see what is coming and how to avoid it. – B 

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