JK, thats always said right before we do something stupid down here in the south. Went to to stores yesterday and it completely wiped me out. Day before yest. i slept the entire day and night. went out to stores yesterday and spent all day in bed again today with headache. i keep trying to knock myself out so i don't have to deal with them, but when they keep me awake or wake me up it is real frustrating. Now that they cut one of my med dosages in half i sleep better and can function better but the nightmares and dreams are so vivid now.But had to deal with panic attacks , god i hate those. Put me on migraine meds but i don't think it's migraines.On the heavy dosages i was just dead to the world.

Got a bunch of little dollar store toys for my grandkids, now i have to come up with shipping money. it's always something isn't it?

My Girly dog is scaring me with her breathing and hard knots all over her chunky little body. I have to carry her outside most of the time now. not easy with my balance. Yest. forgot my cane so was relying on shopping carts. I will not drive one of those electric carts afraid i'll kill somebody. and i don't think im that bad yet. I wish i could start an exercize program but Dr.s wont let me. Can't remember if i told y that my 1st 2 tests a neurology ctr were normal, will get next results Christmas eve. Tired of everything normal, normal, normal, (esp. when we all know I'm NOT normal, LOL) then what the heck is it? Neuro said it could be just the HIV/hepc. I wish i had one system in my body that there was nothing wrong. Wish in one hand as they say….you know the rest. Whoever THEY are! y'all take care of yourselves Mamabear

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  1. gbear6 10 years ago

     Thanks sheree, all my dog wants to do is go back to bed, well now i'm wide awke having slept most of the day, but headache gone! TG for small favors! Tried to post some new pics. i have a heck of a time esp. when Girly keeps head butting me for attention! love ya


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