I just deactivated my Facebook account. I've been thinking about doing it for weeks, but I keep thinking of the very few people I'll miss hearing from, the games I was into… But the truth of it is, every time I get on it I feel nothing but annoyance. It's full of people I never hang out with anymore, people I don't like anymore, or people I was guilted into adding to my friends list (DH's teenaged neices). I just don't like it anymore. I'm tired of feeling disgusted by the inner thoughts of other people. Some things just don't need to be aired. No one gets that anymore. Everyone seems to think their every fleeting whim is solid gold we're all dying to chuckle over.

It's one thing to read well-thought-about musings or concerns once in a while (I am writing this blog and reading others, after all) but every few hours, minutes? There are some things I don't want to know, some opinions people ought to keep to themselves, some idiosyncracies and political/religious agendas I don't want forced down my throat 24-7, 365…etc, via misspelled e-cards and cat memes.

I've just had enough of reading the obnoxious shit-talking of snotty, teenage attention-whores and "witty", arrogant, back-and-forth snark from chronic arguers.

I'm just talking about my OWN FB account. Maybe other people don't hate theirs the way I've grown to hate mine, and I do think it's great for family connections, but I can't count how many people I USED to have such respect for, that I now cringe every time I see their comments cluttering my timeline. I can't even make posts about how I really feel anymore because I'm loathe to sound like everyone else, taking a verbal shit where every one of their friends and family can see and marvel over it.

So, anyway, I deactivated it. Maybe I'll pop on every few months to say 'hey', but I no longer feel the need to check it every day like I've been. I want to like certain people again, and not have to hear from others. I want to pick up my phone and call someone every once in a while like I used to. Maybe even force myself to make new connections that don't just make me angry/sad these days.

I'm disconnecting from things and people who have become nothing more than a drain on my mental well-being and recording my inner thoughts here, where all the justifiable mental shits are kept somewhat anonymous, just how I prefer it.

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  1. MusicHelps 9 years ago

    Facebook can be a horrible nasty place . I often think of deleting it, don't know why I don't .. Perhaps it's because it's my only connection to people outside of my kids. Good on you for actuall doing It,… You've made me think.. Lol

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