In a world where people can't see how you feel and want to block out and contradict everything you strive,
No wonder you can't feel at home,

Where nobody talks, and nothing gets talked about, and nothings allowed to be talked about. Your trying to help but your just making things "more difficult"
No wonder you don't want to take notice of the world passing you by,
Because it boils down themnot wanting you to exist in the first place

Every now and then, you can see that they care in their eyes for a split second, but they won't let go of the abillities they haveand sink down to live life on your level, so they refuse to see it, which hurts, because we lovethem, andwould sink down to that level for anyone. It makes sense in a way, because if everyone kept sinking down then nobody would be positive enough to be parents and keep the world going round etc, but what if you never make it above that level and people always keep passing you by. Not fun enough, not confident enough, not popular enough… and when you try to move in the upwards direction it seems to go the opposite, every time. It's because it's a nasty rule to go by, it's the rule of evolution, survival of the fittest, it's cruel, and it'sonly about breeding. God doesn't let you be a part of this cruel game for a beneficial reason.

Till you realise that god has a different destiny for you, and won't let you be that which you need, won't let you be loved for now, won't let you have some of your basic human needs, but will let you have your actual destiny, which you just havn't seen yet, because you've always been to scared to put the first few steps down and carry on "because your not this and your too that" you tell yourself.
You've know what it isall along, don't pretend you don't know!
I hope you find your way.


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