I've been sitting here for the past week & 2 days wondering "WHY". "WHY" do bad things have to happen to the best people when the buttheads seem to have it all?

I'm refecting on my Brother & Sis In Laws newborn baby girl Kaylee.

They have been very happily married now for 8 years living life to it's fullest before starting a family. They had a dog that was their "baby" & they knew he would not be cool with a new baby in the house so they put him forst & waited all for the love of an animal! He did pass & several months later she found out she was pregnant YAY! Everyone was so happy since our oldest child in our family is now 13.

Their relationship is like one I have never seen before, it's like they were made for one another, they never fight or argue & they act as if they have just met every day of their lives for the "first time!"

So baby Kaylee their FIRST child came into this world with quite a struggle, first an abnormal heartbeat buring her delivery, which led to her being stress & causing her to have a merconium bowel movement while inside Mommy's tummy being birthed. Then an infection that the baby contracted from Mommy having Strep that should have been caught at the onset of her labor & her treated with IV antibiotics. Then baby born after 7 hours (yes very FAST for her first child). Her lungs filled with merconium, 2 holes in her heart, on oxygen, low blood platelets, low blood suger just so many things wrong! She was only 5lbs 4 oz such a sweet beautiful little angel yet so many struggles she is born into this life with 🙁 All has worked itself out with treatment of her infection & lungs with the exception of the hole in her heart which they say will most likley close on it's own, if not then meds & next step if that doesn't work surgery!

Now we get confirmation that she has what they call Turner's Syndrome 🙁

This Aunt & of course my borther, sis-in-law, family are all devistated. There are NO words.

WHY, my parents had to bury their first child after drowning at age 2, then I had to bury my 21 days year old son…WHY? Why SO many hardships on my family? We are all very loyal, loving, caring, sharing & GIVING people. My brother knows everyone in twn from having a local business as does my dad for having the same before retirement?

I reflect on how strong both my family is as is my sis-in-laws & think that just "maybe" it's for this reason as many familys are not as strong or supportive. Others may not of been able to handle such news as we have accepted & will do anything & everything to help this sweet baby out with whatever she needs in her life to come. For This I am SO GRATEFUL & THANKFUL however I just cannot stop asking "WHY".

Thanks for reading & any input or opinions are welcomed!

I just needed to vent so maybe I can finaly get a good nights rest for a change since this has happened.

Peace & Love to all <3


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