I know I haven't been really good about responding to the notes and pictures that have been put up for a couple of weeks now ~ I want to say thank you SO much for the continued love and support to all the friends that have done so…it means a lot to me and is helping me keep my head above water right now.

I'm doing so-so right now. I got a rejection letter from SSD so today I have to find a lawyer to help me. I'm not all that surprised ~ I've been warned by many people that this would be the case, but I'm just irritated about it. Overall it's just the cherry on top of the week I've had.

Aaron started working days on Monday and I'm really glad about it. He gets home at 4:30 or so every day and that gives us the time to go out and play and get exercise of some sort. That's another one of my aggravations ~ I saw my psychiatrist in the beginning of the week and we talked about me being on Abilify and the weight gain issue. He doesn't want to modify my medications any, including the Abilify. I guess all the other drugs in that class cause the same thing or I've already tried them and they didn't work for me. So exercise is about to become a big part of my life I guess. Luckily my husband is willing to do it too because we're both overweight and out of shape.

My Mom has been pretty ill the last week ~ she FINALLY went to the doctor and was told she had vertigo, a sinus infection, bronchitis and an ear infection. I'm so relieved that she's finally starting to feel better, although the vertigo seems to be worsening, not getting better like it should be.

I did go to see my Uncle the other day. He wasn't doing much better. He was confused and trying to pull off the electrodes that monitored his pulse, breathing and blood pressure. I think he thought it was the tv remote. For the most part he slept, but then my Aunt got there and demanded that they sit him upright and then got in his face and started telling him loudly that he needed to wake up. It really angered me. Then she had the nerve to ask me to "run down to the cafeteria and get her some coffee and get my Uncle a cinammon bun". This was after she had been told twice that he wasn't allowed to eat or drink because he kept choking on any kind of food or drink. I finally went down to the cafeteria, got myself a cheese danish and picked up the coffee and cinammon bun (I figured she'd eat it when Dick couldn't) and then proceeded to get lost in the dang hospital.

I eventually found my way back and everything seemed the same. Carol was shouting at him to "Wake up!" and getting very little response. (He hasn't been able to hear well since the first surgery back in November) At one point though he opened his eyes and he was momentarily clear-headed and gave me a huge smile and said "Hey!" like he used to always do. Then he sunk back under the haze.

Watching him was really hard, knowing there was nothing I could do except be there. He shook so badly that he had a hard time using his hands for anything. He actually had a small seizure in front of me, but my aunt didn't see it or realize what it was I guess. His eyes rolled back into his head, he stiffened and arched his back arms almost straight out and shook. It only lasted about 4 seconds but I knew exactly what I was seeing, and it was a very bad sign. After awhile I kissed his forehead, told him I loved him even though he wasn't responsive (figured he'd still hear it) and I left.

4 hours later my aunt called to tell us that hewas having emergency surgery again because more fluid had built upagainst his brain and that was why he couldn't stay awake. They re-drilled theholein hisskull torelieve the pressure, but this time they inserted a drainage tube in to allow them to test the cerebrospinal fluid that keptaccumulating and makesure it wasn't infectedand to prevent another build-up and measurehow muchfluid theycaught. It was scary. He pulled through again (3rd brain surgery in 3 months), and was sleeping in ICU so they could keep a very close eye onhim. I just found out he woke up a few minutes ago, which is a good sign. The problem is, none ofthe doctors understand what and why this is happening. The next step will be inserting a shunt into his brain to drain the fluid to his stomach if the fluid keeps coming out. I'm worried that he won't make it that far though.

The only real good newsis that they rescinded the Baker Act because they figured it was linked to the brain trauma.

Anyhow that's been my week. That and finally taking down the Christmas tree yesterday. Sorry about venting but I need to get all this out. I hope everyone has a pleasant day. (HUGS)

  1. yirah 10 years ago

     I hope things get better for you soon. *hugs*

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  2. leslie 10 years ago

    Hey honey, sorry I have been off the grid for a while. It sounds like you have been through the ringer the past month or so. I am back on line so write me if you need me.

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