It's a cleche as old as time, yet; have you every really noticed how much truth there is in it?

Imagine the world before you, lain out in a pattern of black and white. The board on which we all play, you have to think, you have to challenge the opposition. Every move has a consequence, each attack; requires a defense.

But, where do you see yourself in this set up?

Are you a knight? Nobel of character, reliant upon strength. Making a quick stride forward, only to take a step aside in the face of danger. What's hindering your advancement? Do you intend to let it pass by?

What of the rook? Sturdy and solid, built to withstand the weight of onslaught, offerning shelter and security to those whom enter. Yet, when moving forward, often retreats the same way it came. Why so back and forth about it? Are you that unsure as to flee to the right or the left?

The Bishop, held in highest regaurds, beside the seats of prestigue and honnor. If you are so important to the cause, what's with the stepping around the goal? Neither forward nor back, even side to side, you chose a diagonal approach. Is this common during your day?

The humble pawn, willing to sacrafice himself/herselffor the sake of another. His/Her only direction is straight ahead, without a single thought of hesitancy or avoidance. In all his/her meekness, he/she continues his/her journey, striving for greatness.

When he/she reaches his/her goal, his/her reward is great. He/She becomes a King/Queen

I am but a humble pawn in this chess game of life, seeking my path to glory.

How about you?


  1. KidSicily 12 years ago

    Maybe life can be more like a checker game for you, a lot of jumping around and over obsticals looking for that crown. 🙂


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  2. KidSicily 12 years ago


    Never heard of it untill today

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  3. KidSicily 12 years ago


    Anytime, any place! 🙂

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  4. marchingants 11 years ago

    Hey kid nice anology of life in chess, quite thoughtful. i could use a game or two myself ….Chess one of my many guilty pleasures….glad someone else shares this as well..Ant

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  5. KidSicily 11 years ago

    Pick the site, the time, and the table Marching.

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