When I was 13 My life changed completely. I went from being a fit and active person to feeling as though a truck had hit me every day. dizziness, migraine, and nausea were constant, and standing up felt sickening and hard to do. But I had to accept that my body wasn’t capable of doing the things it was able to before. I had to reprogram my brain to understand that, and to learn to get used to it because it’s not going to ever go away.

Postural orthostatic tachycardia syndrome (POTS) is a disorder that can make someone feel faint or dizzy. It happens when the autonomic nervous system doesn’t work as it should. The autonomic nervous system is the body’s “autopilot” system, controlling things like heart rate, blood pressure, and breathing.

Most studies into Pots suggest that time can help improve the condition, but there is no cure. My life everyday would consist of moving from the bed to the couch and back again, while dealing with tachycardia, nausea, dizziness, migraine, hot flashes, and brain fog. I was taking medication to lower my heart rate, dizziness tablets, and lots of other medications. I started researching the condition, understanding more about my body, and trying to help myself through the daily symptoms in any way that I could.


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