Hi everyone.

Well today was interesting.

my Doctor up at the VA called today. So I went in and saw him. He wanted to discuss the new numbers.

Interesting encounter. as I was entering the exam room a PA ushered me in. We started talking. I commented on his Haircut (High and Tight) he mentioned he was a Chief.

Then my Doctor walks in and I mentioned him bringing a Chief in. I told him it was a low blow even for him. To bring a Chief in to help convince me to Start taking meds. Low blow indeed.

He told me whatever it takes.

We talked after that. The Chief just sitting there observing(never met a Chief who wasn't a good Observer) and the Chief didn't say anything. That was reassuring. From my experience a Chief only talks really when there is a point of instruction to be made. So apparently the Chief agreed with my decision not to take meds at this time. I am sure the Doctor wasn't happy.

Of course that is not the best way to curry favor with me. The doctor should never have tried that. Especially bringing in another green side Doc. Of course the Doctor is Airforce, so he failed to understand a key point. Us green side docs support each other and rarely put up with crap.

So I am going to go to an outside source other than the VA and get a separate set of numbers run. I have a sinking feeling that something is amiss and would be a fool to ignore it. It is the same feeling you get when there is something just not quite right but you can't pin point what it is.

I say prudence and caution over hasty decisions. Needless to say the Doctor realized his error by the end of the office visit. I think he learned a valuable lesson today. Never piss off a greenside doc; even if you are an officer and especially if you are not a Navy Medical Officer or a Marine.

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    docadamshaspert 12 years ago

    Thanks Guys!!!!

    Yeah, I called my old case worker about it over at Naval Medical Center Portsmouth this morning. He laughed a little about it.   I wish I could go to another doctor outside the VA, but without insurance I'm up a creek on this one. 🙁  It would be nice to see a doctor once every three months to run the numbers.  Glad to see that the Spokane VA is not the only Snakepit in the nation. 

    I think my biggest problem with the VA is that I am just another number to them and they just don't give a flying squirrels nut about me or any other Vet.  It really makes you just want to give up in a lot of ways and call bucket maker for a kicking appointment.  🙂  Not that I am in a hurry to greet Death as an old friend quite yet.

    My Nurse thinks that I have a death wish because I am not taking meds.  I told her, "you know what miss?,  I lost my fear of death in a very far away place from here quite some time ago.  I don't have a death wish, but I do wish to be treated as a human being and not some D*&m Statistic."

    She turned away and made a comment under her breath about combat vets and PTSD.  What a hack job if you ask me. 

    So anyhow, Considering that I spent the last six months in the service in an HIV unit learning everything I could get my hands on about this virus, I would hope I know what I am doing.  At best I can make qualified decisions about my heath.


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    TravelingMan1966 12 years ago

    What your saying about the VA is very true all around.. My VA in idaho isnt the best which is why i keep my private care insurance for my Hiv specialist and regular docs.. Hope things work out and peace to you ..

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    steveh6873 12 years ago

    Well In Defence of the N.A.V.Y….I beg to disagree !

    Steve M H_  _ _ _ _…

    Senior Chief   Retired (U.S.N)

    Feel Me ?

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    docadamshaspert 12 years ago


    Good afternoon to you.  I think I get what you are trying to say.  I may have just lucked out during my time in the service.  Never ran into any member of the Chief Petty Officer ranks that I didn't respect.  Of course about 90% of those were Hospital Corpsman serving with the Marine Corps. 

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    docadamshaspert 12 years ago

    I also don't volunteer for anything anymore. lol

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