It's always been easy to demand the giant leap on a 'good day'. Reminded, that there is something in the place of staying in joy and being easy on myself. I have fifteen paintings to have completed by March. As I have been struggling with the depression this week, until I get to this new doctor now that we have moved. It's been tough. Art, creating.. requires an energy level. Yet, it requires a childlike joy and place of not worrying about 'the end'. So, you start with crayons and later you find your way to the oils.

As I was struggling on a piece. I threw it aside and found myself reminded that this is what I love. I think, and am owe DTribe for this reminder. As I just joined the other day, I was perusing groups, I joined one titled "Draw 101". I responded to a post about those who are not 'studied or accomplished'. Even the skilled, must always go back to the foundation. No one has posted on there, and I am one that loves to support those who feel any need to create. Art belongs to everyone. All of us. Apart from this heirarchal, ego tripping better and good.. it's the fundamental gift and blessing that anyone can tap into. We all feel this joy in seeing a childs drawing on the sidewalk. It is pure. It's unobstructed.

I went back and began to paint just for painting. Or, simple sketching. Yes, there are days that your body can barely move from the fatique of depression. It's like those hold over your limbs and spirit. I decided.. I don't have to leap right now. I'm merely skip. My heart was full and I was grateful. I was back to the core of something. Maybe I won't pull our anymore work today, maybe I'll just get half of one worked on. But, I started and stayed in a forgiving space. We all, I guess, need a reminder of.

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  1. visualist 12 years ago

    Thank you for posting. We all need the reminder sometimes.

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