I\'m here, at home, dealing with a mild case of food poisoning. A friend of mine sent me a text message at around 10:30am EST and although I was drowsy, I would respond to his texts….Well,up until around 11:11am (that\'s when I received his last message). I responded at 11:50am. In between those 39 minutes, I dozed off. Usually, when I\'m really drowsy, I have the most wonderfully, weird and enlightening dreams. While I was sleeping, I dreamt that I was in maybe a Walgreen\'s or CVS and this song was playing (There was no music playing in the house or tv on while I was asleep). I had never heard this song before. It was a full song with verses, chorus, bridge and instrumentation. I\'ve been reading up on lucid dreaming and have been able to implement some of the techniques that I\'ve been reading about in my dreams. I usually, although not this time, sleep with a voice recorder right beside me so that I can record as much as I can remember. This time was really odd because I was singing along with the song, as if I had known the words, but I was making it up as I went along with the dream. I did realize that I was dreaming and tried to physically sing the song, while asleep, but only heard myself, slightly above a whisper, singing, " just because of you"…lol.


I\'ve been having these dreams for years, getting frustrated for not waking myself up to record at least the melody. I only remember bits and pieces of the songs, so I wanted to learn how to remember my dreams better. I started researching and found a book by Albert Taylor, called Soul Traveler . Although, I haven\'t, yet, learned how I can do what I need do to better remember my dreams, I\'ve learned quite a bit about how to recognize that you\'re dreaming and control your dream, doing anything or going anywhere you want. It\'s a really interesting book. I\'ve found that I feel a lot better after having these sorts of experiences/dreams. I often wonder if many other people experience the same type of lucid dreaming.


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