I am so frustraited it seems I can't get motivated to do anything I have become soooo lazy I get on computer or watch tv it is so hard to motivate myself to do the dishes wash laundry or anything I am constintly fighting my horrible moods I get so hateful and ugly I hate my life I hate being fat I hate being lazy I try to stay on points  (weight Watchers)  I know I need to exercise I need to do something with myself my first class isn't until the end of July I feel stuck because that has to be done before I can go on. The waiting list for this Jan. is full so I have to wait for the actual LPN course untill 2011 which is okay because their is 3 classes I have to take before then plus a couple I can take ahead of time but I can't do anything until after the course in July. I know I have all this time right now that I could be putting to good use getting this weight off I know I should go for walks I know I should turn the TV off the computer helps me so I don't want to give that up but I defintly could live with less TV watching. I am going to make a list of things I will commit to I have got to get myself better if I could go to the DR I would but I don't have insurance so that is out this sounds really whiny I just need to motivate and get my self better I have WW meeting tonight so that will help I plan on starting my day out right in the morning diet and all I will follow my list  I have heard before it takes 21 days to form a habit so that will be my  short term goal.

1 Stay on Points

2 get up by 8 am

3 shower and prepare for day

4 Walk for 30 minutes

5 housework

6 no TV till house work and exercise is finished


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