At work the other day, It was really quiet. I starting talking toa guy who was doing work for the red cross. We got talking loads, and eventually he asked for my number, and i gove it to him. I was flattered to say the least. Yesterday he called, and we met up. He's new to australia, even newr to Tasmania, so i showed him around the city a bit. It was so fun. We got along so well. We laughed about him being scared of going up the mountian. We got some chicken and ate it by the beach. We have the same desires with life, and the same values. We kissed. It was amazing.. Like those times when you kiss someone and it gives you tingles.

I'm sad that he'll be leaving the state in 2 weeks or something. He said that he'd really love for me to move to Sydney so we can be around each other more. I know i've only met this guy the other day.. but i'm concidering it. I want to move out of home. Its something that i had already set out to do this year. Maybe this is the reason to go. I don't know. I don't want to move to Sydney to be with a man i've only known for such a short time. But then there is a part of me, that just thinks i should go for it. Jump into it.

He's nigerian. Which doesn't bother me at all. He is very handsome.. and a beautiful soul. He wants to study to become a doctor or a dentist. Very smart. I worry coz he's on a student visa.. so i guess at one point he'd have to go back to Nigeria. Unless of course he got residency. So then i have these worries that he just wants to be with me to get a green card. I DON'T think he is at this point. I guess i'll just have to wait and see! wish me luck!

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  1. VirgoCassie 11 years ago

    Aww Awesome Jac 🙂 I'm happy for you. Hey you can call him and chat right? And good luck but I'm sure you don't need it :P. *hugs* 🙂

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