Dude im so anxious right now..Well today was just fucking stressful cuz all the suits from the company came to my store.uh! I worked like a dog..I clean all the under tables in produce.So basicly the oozing rotten fruit jucies and dirt and grame I had to clean up.So I crawled around trying to reach underneather…pulling gross stuff customers droped and somehow it got under the fruit tables ,out.Lol it was nasty and it didnt help the costomers all said to me "thats a gross job hun?" I said in my head "ya no fuck du!" But instead noded my head and asked if they would like help.?Also the big wigs made my manager more of the natz he is.(rolls eyes)Well I didnt really got to talk to my bf much…he hasnt been taking breaks too much cuz the meat department is short staffed.And when he finnaly took a break he talk to everyone under the dam sun.uh…well…It turns out I have a thirod proablem…Gram and my mother keep looking for reassons why i am tired…extra and i ask the doc so theyed get off my back if i could take a test.Well i have something wrong but she wants to follow up…uh IDk what it means but it kinda makes me think its gonna be more money in precriptions.=( well today i head some ppl look over my sholder at my drawings…I have to wait for hrs for my gram to pick me up at work so i like to draw from the tattoo magizens we get at the store.Well this one guy really liked my stuff.He said he draws too.Dude look 30 something….I like making new friends but i've gotten into some crazy situations with making friends with men.Idk I mean im atractive ( not being full of myself) and just cuz i talk to the dude they wanna try for something more.I love my bf,I dont need anyone asking me on a date or..what ever.But this guy didnt he ask for my number…I said ,"this is just friends right? I have a boyfriend." he said Ya that he want to get together have like an art setion…so i was like ok…but…u can c why im nervous…i tried to tell my bf how i was feeling but he was rapped up talking to everyone eles.I kinda told him,we even ran into the guy …..but idk…i still feel weird…I mean if this guy can help me move along an art cool.but if he might be a weirdo…also i dont want bf thinking im looking into other guys, or getting jeloius…idk..im gonna go red by the way bought the die so…hope i like it.


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