Hi- Im going to get directly to the point since you always seem to catch me off guard. And maybe I can do the same to you. You are a demon. You are cruel, and selfish. And evil. You take from me and hold onto what you took. And don’t ever give it back unless I trade in something else. But even then you continue to take. You never spare time when Im throwing up on the bathroom floor, or crying ten minutes before school starts. You are always there. And the way you see me, is as a pawn. You think I’m your puppet. You think Im your servant. Demon, you are stupid. Because you do not know what is outside of your walls. I am the one who wakes up each morning, still alive, and still fighting day by day. You aren’t the one being tortured. But actually, you are, because you, you cruel, selfish, evil demon, you are part of me. And even though you never stop, you never let me rest, I thank you. Because I refuse to humor you by thinking of you as a curse. That is what you want, you feed off sadness and fear. Instead I ¬†think of you as my biggest opponent, my journey, and sometimes even a blessing. Because I have met people who’s demons dance beautifully with mine. And I have had experiences that have grown my strength. So come and get me demon. Do your worst. Because as long as your standing, so am I.


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