At 24 years old i got introduced to meth from a friend back in highschool. All started off fun ..stayin up all night talkin an bullshittin around..didnt sleep…eat nothing.but idc i was having fun. I stopped caring about my family…friends…everything i loved in life an dedicated myself to meth an my smoke buddy.couple months went by an i started hearing voices…feeling like places in my face were goin numb an just wouldn't stop for some stupid reason.blamed my friend saying he had someone messing with me …or that he was….ended up going crazy on people at my work so eventually quit my job cuz i felt awkward…all my life i was so outgoing an smoking made me antisocial…nervous…i cpuldnt be in public or around anyone it was terrible. Started taken my friend to work after quitting my job an voices got so bad they convinced me to leave him at his job hours away from where we lived. He put up with it for a while which i dont know how. I finally said i had to get away from this an moved to colorado. Stayed there for 2 weeks but sadly i had fallen in love with this guy who gave me the drug so couldn't stay away from him. Went back an what do you know first thing we do is hit the pipe have a badass night then it went to complete shit after that day…i started withdrawling from how much we smoked that much my friend a 4 yr smoker almost overdosed. I couldnt eat.,.sleep…move do anything for 10 days. Went crazy still hearing voices…cut wires in my car and also totaled it out….my friend just left his house bc.he didn't lnow what the hell to do with me. I was dying…a few more days of bein there with nobody….all alone…no food…no water…in so much pain o would have.came 110 left prolly 85lbs in 10 days. Enough was enough…my only option was getting ahold of my mom on mothers day of all days and having her get me away from this dark place bc i was ready to kill myself…she sent my stepdad to pick me up and put me on a bus to colorado where i stayed with my dad and tried to straighten up my life…did good for about a month said hell no to drugs after that but guess how easily i fell back in with the wrong crowd…started smoking heroin..meth amd poppin pills all at once…thought i was so happy doin that…was holding down a job…and doing drugs …ya Thats what was important to me….a little.while after that…2 months ago i asked my mom if i could come back to her so she could help me stay sober amd clean my life up…she gave me a chance…i got away from drugs…ended up with a new car..supervising at a job i enjoy…slowly gained my family and friends i blew off trust back i hadnt been this happy in years considering before all this i was a bad alcoholic..and now i see the guy that i started smoking with telling me he had stopped after losing his kids..and seeing me how i was cuz i was his best friend…i believed him and was proud of him but his was a real struggle.lived in his car bc he had no home and my family hated him. Couple weeks he got a house with the mother of his kids an they did ok for like a month…now he brought drugs around me again an i cant not do it even after what it did to my life and his life. Im done an over it i will not let my life fall apart again…told him i was done with it amd now he wants to stop as well after 4 yrs of use because he fell in love with me and wants a better life for us and his children. Idk if it will happend but i hope so…today's our first day finally quitting this horrible drug…so any advice of feedbak would be nice…meth addict for 6 months an Thats how fast it ruines my life…


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