Just ask
It's a simple task
I'd tell you the story
Of a girl
Who sits up all night
Struggles and fights
Not to commit suicide
She's been through a lot
Getting told what she's not
She ain't pretty
She's just fat
She ugly
They call her fugly
No one cares
No one wants her here
Her dad is a dead beat
He don't know shit
Her boyfriend hits
They all cus and swear
Saying they don't want her here
They'd b happy if she died
She thinks about suicide
Ever since she was young
She got yelled at for crying
So she stopped at 8
No debate
Than she was 14
Didn't know what was happening
She got a boyfriend
They went in his bed
They start havin sex
She said no
He just kept going
She froze
What was happening
Loosing it at 14
What could she do
Over powered by a dude
Going home to get yelled at
Where her friends at
Family saying that she worthless
Telling her to kill herself
This hand was delt
No one knows how she felt
She cried in her room
Grabbed the knife
Cut her wrists
Thinking she won't be missed
Writes a note to the people that hurt her
She hope they happy now
She took that final bow
But oh no it didn't work
She still alive
Livin in demise
Reminded every night with the flashbacks
Why does this happen
Why won't it go away
These memories
What have these people done to her
She cries at night
Struggles and fights
Not to commit suicide
Because of this guy
History repeats
Memories she tried to defeat
Everything going crazy
But mayb
It happened for a reason
Built her into who she is now
Not gunna take that final bow
They thought they broke her down
She brushed it off
Stood back up
She's way stronger now
Her head ain't facing the ground
She found a guy
He treats her right
She is 16
Happier than she ever could be
Everything is turnin for the better
But than she remembers
All those things
What was happening
Sending her back down
She hits the ground
Her boy catches her
Says no one gunna hurt her
He makes her smile
But only for awhile
At night she bursts into tears
Thinking he's the only one that wants her here
What does she do
Where does she go
Everyone but him calling her a hoe


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