"Dont go there" my mind warns in a gentle whisper…


"you must be addicted to this turmoil to return so frequently recirculating thes same painful memories just forget and let them fade away my dear I am prepared to beg…"


"Dont lose yourself to this morbid battle again avoid this fight as you truely should.."
a shudder sweeps through my very being

Truely dear this pain is your own and truely as your mind slips away so do you….you slowly begin to fade

Please darling stop this destructive pattern and dont be afraid
Things in this world are not always the same 

Its a consistantly changing game so play your cards and dont become fates prey
Dont be afraid to feel, dont be afraid of pain, forget this past forget all the things you wanted to say

Be tough and move on do not stay here for long
I do not wish to leave you; then truely you would be out of your mind,

My vacancy would be a terrible sign 

You have no idea the strengh it takes to continuously fight this battle and my dear, I am running out of time

Your blood boils and I begin to ripen like the grapes for a fine wine
You will lose yourself and surely I will dissapear 

You will feel nothing but a euphoric loopiness induced by the damage I cannot repair



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