Imma be honest wit some of u…

I wish the first thought in ur minds wasn’t to kill urself.

Ik, easy for my dumbass to say bc I’ve never felt suicidal, everyone has a different story, each one tougher than the other… My twin was suicidal and attempted a few times, but I was able to convince her outta thinking that way. If u need to talk, talk. Keepin a lid on ur feelings, will only cause them to boil over later. Talkin to a stranger miles away from u may help! So if anyone needs to hmu my dms r open lmaooo! I wanna help as many people as I can! Remember that looking at the negative things in ur life will lead u to believe that ur life is horrible… instead, try and look at the good things in ur life, so u can remain optimistic and if u feel there is no happiness or a good part of ur life, then u should feel motivated to make something happy in ur life! I know it’s not as easy as it sounds, but if u try, then there’s no shit that can hold u back! I love everyone man, everyone is beautiful in their own way and ur flaws r what makes u beautiful. turn ur weakness into ur strengths and take life by the ballz. Much love to everyone and I hope everyone is finding ways to feel a lil better during the quarantine. :)))))

  1. declan 2 years ago

    Really like this post really good positive message helped with my day a bit good to see someone who doesnt know what it feels like to actually try understand

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