in all of my 29 years, this is the first day that i will not see my loving mother on mothers day. i\'m over 2500 miles away. i sent here an ecard and made her a video, but it\'s not the same. i talk to here a good bit, but i miss everyone back home ofcourse…i mean mainly my immediate family(nephews, niece, brothers, dad, grandmas, grandpa, mom, uncles, aunts….). but my Mom has always been there for me and i have always been there for her. she has supported us through the hardest of times and has kept the same job for over 30+ years. when we were kids, she would always be depressed cause my dad was an alcoholic and rarely there(too much to write about there, but it mad life a living hell alot of the time). so i would always do thing to try and cheer my Mom up. i miss her so much. and she did\'nt want me to move, but she wouldnt say so, she would only say she wants whatever makes me happy. she is the WORLDS GREATEST MOTHER! i may be being just a tad biast there but it\'s true lol. any i love you Mom, and Happy Mothers Day!

also, about me posting video in my blogs…i know some of you get annoyed by it(or atleast i think you do, but the videos i submit are a way to express the way i feel, which i think is what blogs are for. among other things. someday i want to write my own lyrics and play guitar(which i am practicing both), but until that day, i will post videos when the mood strikes.

but to all the Mothers out there, or sons or daughters of the mothers out there…Happy Mothers Day:) may it be a very peaceful and fullfilling day.


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