I’m New to this site but Hiya 🙂

This is the first time I have ever tried 2 blog so I apologise now.

I’m 40 this year & have 2 kids aged 20 & 13 years. i started 2 use class A drugs ( Heroin ) @ the age of 16. When I met my fella that I’m still with. I used 2 do other crap before then, speed, lsd, gas, you name it i would take it.

Now i’m almost 2 years clean of heroin, The first day I took my first subbie on  the 22nd April 2015 i haven’t had a line since. BUT i’m a addict & have substituted for a worse class A . Ohhh there’s so much I wanna put on my first blog I will post & save this so I can add 2 it. I’d like you to know about my life first. I was born into what looked like a good family from the outside, but my mum was a alcoholic, mum & dad beat shit out of each other daily.

But we had hols away every year +, I was born in the army & then they went in the pub trade, That’s  when I started 2 drink. Aged 9, We moved about ALOT so i never made m8ts easy. Looking bk I used 2 buy my m8ts, started 2 drink coz it was what everyone did, same with glue, gas, L.S.D, weed everything. & I loved 2 piss my mum & dad of. Age 15 kinda made events in my life take a darker role or rebellion & drug taking.

I’ve suffered from depression for years. I’m SO proud of both my kids, my 20 year old is a vigilante in a way, he has no beef with drugs. Just me taking class A’s & his dad. But if anything he’s more protective of my recovery but has given up hope, he’s no record, dont take any drugs & is honest as the day is long, very P.C but very opinionated and is never wrong lol.

My 13 year old well, he’s worrying me. All i can do is try & b the best mum I can b & not try & b his m8t.

UUmm have I said I’ve been with my fella 24 years, it was love @ first sight, that’s when my love affair & painful life of addiction started not long after. He was a user & I hated just getting stoned & seeing him & his best m8t smashed, I wanted 2 feel like them & he wouldnt let me, that made me want it even more.

The first time I threw up & knew then I LOVED the drug, 20 + years later out of the blue was on 20ml of meth & a few bags a day ( I always smoked ) needles scared me.

Ive only been 2 jail twice & on the same charge, I got 18 months 4 it, & my fella got 5 years CO, ed

That was 1 of the hardest time’s ever. But moulded me into the woman i’am today. Ya learn how to look after your habit & yourself & i even managed 2 look after my first kid without social services, looking back WOW they messed up bk then,

Anyway lol this will never end, so thats abit of my history, i’m still addicted 2 a major class A & I hate it, depression is all time low & guess thats why & how I found this site, looking on NA on fb lol.

So Hiya hope this is ok N x


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