so i moved to indianapolis today….. and like my about me section on my profile says….i try so hard not to move city to city, but the oportunity always seems to arise man. i prayed for nights and nights for my hp to show me sign, to help me and i wake up one morning to my oldest sister calling/texting me to come live with her here. i'm not sure if i made the right decision or not, infact…im so lost like always. i'm still here and i'm dragging my cat along with me this year…this is the 5th move since June… yesterday was my last day at work…. so weird so weird….me and my x-girlfriend kristen were kind of getting back together the past month, but it has been indifferent…. she still talks to her ex, which seriously bothers me so much. idk what todo anymore man. it's nice here, but everywhere looks the same anymore, i've been all over the US, it's all like whatever…lol north, south, east, west… i'm getting used to all the different ways this country looks you know… i'm kind of confused at the moment about this decsion, about everything, i'm wondering if i do think too much into everything and that's why i never accomplish anything… ummm.. i'm really tired, but i'm jus so likee ahhhhh…. no sponser for awhile man and its been a really long time since i've been to a meeting… i have almost a month clean again and i do plan on going to meetings here… its strange to me because usually when i leave whereever i'm at, no one really cries, and if anyone only one person and it's ok, but this time … today….my mom cried so hard and called me crying and kristen cried and my friend stacty and ashley and i'm so confused, i thought maybe this was god's idea to move me here you know, but i'm so confused, what if i'm just crazy and this is a bad idea? why do i always move and everything…and i must add now that i really love kristen and it hurts me in so many damn ways to have seen her cry like she did today when i told her it was time for me to go…. and what if she's my soulmate………….lol i wish sometimes i could call god real quick jus to ask him somethings you know, but if that were the case, i would be on the phone all day….. cuz i have millions of questions for god and gods and all that…..anyways i'm so tired from being in the car for 7 hours, usually i fly, but my sis was coming to visit anyways…man jasmine cried for the whole 7 hours continuously …lol 4real like meow meow meow meow MEOOOOOOOW oooh i felt horrible…. blah shes cool now, laying in bed peacefully….anyways i'm out. peace and love.


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