i’ve written a couple more times, since my last blog, and yep, they got erased–my fingers act out, i suppose. 😉

i know i have a lot of work to do & keep doing, concerning my own atmosphere.  i am definitely NOT where i wanna be, emotionally, mentally, nor physically.  So, i shall continue trying.  Ya know, i really can’t understand some of the choices i’ve made/continue to make.  i do spend some time, almost every day, reflecting or/and processing whatever i’m puzzled with or some sort of future endeavor.  –i know i am an over-thinker, too.  That isn’t anything new.  Maybe that’s why it seems to easy to spot the behavior in other people.  lol  It’s not always a bad thing, though.  Sometimes, a lil more thought can keep me from making a very wrong decision….  *sigh

This morning, for whatever reason, i feel a bit more tired, than i have lately.  i’m sure some of it probably has to deal with the extra pain that’s been going on for the last day or so.  i also feel a bit overdone in the helping or doing for others-department.  Sometimes, i just wish i could get some help, whenever i ask for it–not even expecting nor assuming, but when i ASK for it.  *sigh  i know too, everyone’s NOT me.

Still watching the critters carrying on–almost like a swarm of sparrows (and other smaller birds), trying to get at the two spots on the feeder, at once.  KRAZY!  That, plus the squirrels trying to get at the remnants that are on the patio, and almost fighting to get whatever falls–bumping into the glass, almost turning over the water-bowl, and doing their acrobatics—just somethin.  (Worse than children!)

As it is, now, i still have about eleven more days before my next session.  *sigh  i see the psychiatrist Wednesday, but all he’ll do is basically check my overall well-being and how the meds are working, and make any adjustments.  i also know the walks were genuinely helpful–physically and mentally.  i just can’t find the motivation, lately–if something HAS to be done, i get it done, but otherwise, especially if it’s something for me, it can wait.  i know, i need some more reprogramming.  But, for now, i’ll keep trying to get things done and work on me, along the way.







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