Friday, Sept 19!

Hello, All….

Well, FIRST, I want to thank Everybody who wrote me and encouraged me yesterday to "Get At IT" here in the apartment.

That was very nice, and I want you to know that I appreciate(d) your "support" in this big task that I face here.

I got 2 loads of dishes through the dishwasher, unpacked a "kitchen" box and put some things from it away, and set some aside for either GoodWill or a neighbor, folded the box down, and threw it out. I also gathered up everything lying around that should be thrown out (old mail, newspapers, magazines, etc, and packing materials) and filled a big plastic bag with it, and took that, along with the regular garbage to the trash room…

I had lunch, checked my mail, cleaned the cat boxes, changed their food and water, and then decided I was "tired" so I lay on the bed "for a half hour or so"…and woke up at 3:30 this a.m.!

Have had coffee and breakfast, taken my meds, and am finishing my email, etc., now. Then…as I CAN see a LITTLE difference (thanks for the encouragement, again, folks), I will try to do some more today! I decided if I do laundry, then I can work on more boxes while that is washing and drying…then I will fold and put that away…AND, since one of you suggested A TREAT for myself, maybe I\\'ll make Beef Soup with mushrooms and noodles in it…which will be the first "from scratch" meal I have made for probably 3 weeks! (tired of cans and boxes)

I have a council meeting here where I live (I\\'m a board member) at 1p.m., so there will be a break this afternoon, which will be good, too.  And, after dinner, perhaps I will really do something nice for myself, and "grant" myself some time to just relax (but this will require cleaning off a chair in the living room) and read for a couple hours….I have not read for months and months…it certainly WOULD lift my spirits, I am sure….

SO, that looks like MY day…. If I get all I have "scheduled" to do, it will, certainly, be a "banner" one for me, I believe, and perhaps JUST ENOUGH to keep my "MOVING FORWARD" with the task(s) at hand…CLEANING, SORTING, and GETTING THINGS IN ORDER (including my life)…With a Brighter Horizon…one with time (and space) to sit and listen, watch, and read my collections…with the "room" to take care of daily chores/tasks comfortably!

Again, Wish Me Luck, All, with today's agenda!

~Know that I Wish You All a Wonderful Day, and a Great Weekend!

Hugs, Greg


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