SO, according to..a lot of people, i can’t accept love. But just for your information, (you know who you are) the reason i can’t accept it is because I know that when something bad happens or i make a mistake, they’ll act like i’m a murderer. I can live without people telling me how broken i am and how little i try. It’s hard enough living in my situation, i don’t need you putting me down even more. So yea, im broken. and yeah, i can’t accept love. But you proving me right doesn’t make me any better.

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  1. jason01 8 months ago

    Why do you think you are broken? And don’t listen to these ppl who probably barely know you. Also I’m sorry about any previous relationships not working out, but you definitely are not broken and not everyone in the world is the same. In time I know you will meet the right person and you and this other person will come to love the heck out of each other and not care what anyone else has to say about you too, and you will go on to create a life together forgetting about all of these people who said cruel things about you because you are living your best life while they are still behind their screens typing away 😀

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