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I got off the bus, walked a few blocks to get to my house with a heavy bag of groceries and the urgency to go the bathroom. As soon as I unlocked the door I saw a pair of shoes and I knew who was in my parents house without seeing her. I haven’t spoken to my sister in almost three weeks, I’ve seen her for family

event and acted normal with her while hiding the fact I have limited contact with her. Having a busy day at work and starting that job at 5 AM, I was exhausted and hadn’t eaten anything. Finally sitting down, my sister comes from upstairs and how I wished I could just sink into the couch and disappear. She was about to take our dog for a walk before she was going to leave but not before mentioning that we needed to talk and she would be back next week. To discuss why we aren’t speaking but I already know what it’s going to be. It’s going to be the same discussion I’ve been having with her for over 15 years. I think enough time has passed for her to find that the entire situation is my vault and I’m being the unreasonable one. Later on when my parents came home from work, my dad was on the phone with my sister about a jacket she had left behind. My mom had dread on my face and asked how my sister was around me. Now aware of how cruel my sister can be and knows why I’m limiting contact. I told her what she said and said any discussion needs to happen with them there. She could see the toll it was already taking, how exhausted I already looked. I was brutally honest

to say having any discussion would lead to the same result. My sister will either make it my fault or she will apologize and go right back to her old ways. I’ve been doing this for too long, fought with too many people I’m just exhausted. I don’t want to be having the same fight for the rest of my life.


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