I can’t stop grinding my teeth. My ankles are cold and I cannot stop thinking about how short my pants are, and how I should have put on socks this morning. This just brings more thoughts. I think about how my shoes are two big for me, and people keep making comments about it, but I lie and say I like them like this, because the truth is that I have always been told I have big feet, and I sub-contentiously try to draw attention to that because I like being unique. I think of how my pants are stained and too short, and I wish I did a better job of getting the right sized pants and kept them in good condition for longer. I think of how I wish I could stop grinding my teeth, but it feels so good. I think of how I should be working on my school work right now, but I cannot focus because my thoughts keep drifting to the audio-book I am listening to, and the state of my mental health. I think of how I am not properly enjoying this audio-book, as I always need to be doing something else while I listen to it. I think of how ridiculous I feel, listening to my phone with headphones, and I feel stupid for forgetting to bring my earbuds.  I think of how broken my phone is, and how dirty my phone case is and I wish I had treated my things better. I think about how much time I have wasted, thinking, instead of actually getting things done. I think of how I could have worked on my Eagle Scout earlier on, so I wouldn’t have to stress about it at this point. I think about how I should have had the lumber for my project delivered to my Uncle Josh’s house, so I wouldn’t have to worry about moving it from mine. I think about how writing these things down just causes me to think about more. I wish this could help get my mind on track, but it simply hasn’t.


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