My Casemanager and I went to my Doctor's appointment yesterday . I have to say that I am relieved for the moment n happy to say that I have one of two choices. The first choice was to go to a Breast Doctor immediately or I can wait until  after my Fall Semester and do it then . First I have to say that I never knew there even existed such a doctor and neither did my Casemanager . Infact when my PCP mentioned it we looked at each other in surprise . Anyway when he gave me the choice of now or later [end of Dec] I asked him , would it be better to wait or address the issue immediately? He suggested I wait until after my Fall semester. He says that a few months at this time really will not make a difference. 3mm is very small nodule , about the size of a match head and as far as the mass goes they will have to do another imaging anyway and it which will give them more insight on the growth of it . However they will have to do a fine needle aspiration and they are more likely to get a determining result of that test . Not a false negative which is possible at this time .

So my thought on all this , I can go on with my College and not be missing classes and be distracted during the semester [especially after last semester I had the broken right wrist n had to do so much catching up just to make the grade ] .I really am going with the Doc on this and wait until the end of Dec for the testing .

I am so grateful to have a Casemanager n Doctor like I do because after all said and done yesterday ,I don't have to stress about this until after school which is truly a blessing for an over achiever like me . I want nothing less than a 4.0 G.P.A. this semester.

On the flip side of this I do have to still address the issue because it is not just going to disappear even though I wish it would . But I have been so stressed about all this and school I haven't been able to sleep well and eating everything in sight [ but still was able to loose another pound , yay !] Anyway yesterday I finally fell asleep after the doctor's appt for 3 hours then I woke up to eat and went back to sleep until this morning .

My Casemanager said some very empowering things to me about myself yesterday that I am going to let resonate .

What doesn't kill me will just make a stronger person too.


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