I've been practically best friends with this guy (who is coincidentally my cousin) since we were in diapers. We've gotten along most of the time, the thing is, he's ALWAYS had an anger problem, for as long as I remember. Firstly when he was little it was just screaming, tantrums etc etc. and everyone thought okay, kids do this. Then he got older and threw things, got mad at the littlest things and even went as far as hitting myself, his sister, and own MOTHER. I'm sitting there thinking, this is bullshit. He needs to STOP.

And now he's a fully grown teenager, over six foot tall and it's gotten even WORSE. And his family keeps making excuses. 'Oh, he's a teenager, he'll get over it.' 'He's had a hard life, this is his way of getting it out.' Bull.Shit. He has anger management classes and they don't help him AT ALL.

He gets pissed about his hair. He gets pissed about his food. He gets pissed about his clothes. He gets pissed about his video games. He gets pissed because apparently the whole damn world is out to get him.

And seriously. He is big and scary and he's gave his his sis, mom and even ME fucking bruises from how hard he's hit us. Finally I was like, enough's enough. Kiss my ass. You're not doing shit to me – I'm done with you.

But I'm his FAMILY, and plus I'm even more close to his sister than I am to him, so I can't just say, I'm never gonna see you again. Plus, I'm kind of scared for his family. Whenever his parents have had enough of his shit or have gotten tired of getting hit, they just up and leave. Seriously, they just leave. They're gone, they don't come back until the next day atleast. Which leaves him with his sister, grandmother, and great-grandmother.

Now, none of those three people could stop him from doing a DAMN THING if he wanted to. This seriously scares me – what if he hurts them in a rage or something? And he's always like, 'If people would stop making me mad, I wouldn't do anything.' His house is DESTROYED. He's punched walls, kicked holes in plaster, broken mirrors.. God, it keeps going. And his family keeps making excuses.

I don't know WHAT to do.

  1. snowdreamer 13 years ago

    Have you tried talking to his family or will they even listen?  I've seen brochures on anger management at my doctors maybe if you could pick one up and give it to them they might get a hint but then maybe not the way they make excuses for him, that's dangerous, he could become really dangerous to all that are around him. My son  had an anger problem mostly due to taking drugs but he tried to beat up his girlfriend one night and I'd had enough and called the police on him, he spent a night in lock up and it turned him around knowing he could end up there permanently if he didn't seek help so he did.

    Honey I don't know what else to tell you because if  his family doesn't deal with it it will get so much worse.  I hope for the best and things will go better…

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  2. Horreur 13 years ago

    He already goes to anger management.. hasn't helped at all. Thank you though.

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