Work has been stressful, I have been here working almost two month's, and only two weeks of training, so I've been here the majority of the time by myself. First, my manager, is like if you have any Question's feel free to instant message me or one of the other girl's from Cricket if you have any question's. So I did, when I was training the store was dead because We were new and no one knew about us, so being here by myself I have come across thing's I didn't know about and we also got a new a system, so of course I'm gonna ask Question's…. & Then I guess they didn't appreciate me asking alot of question's, why I don't know?!, but my Manager said, you need to stop asking so many ?'s because if you keep asking you will never learn…. Um… okay!!!! So I have been trying to do thing's more on my own and whenever I mess up, She say's these are thing's you shouldn't be messing up on!! Really??? She again tell's me dont hesitate to call if you need Help….. So I got an email from her on my Day off, I can't even have a Day away from this place, saying that the owner, who is my boss and her boss, want's me to go to the busier store and do some more training, this store though is over an hour away, and the owner (who is a littleeeee creepy) would drive me back and forth, bc before I got hired here I told them I couldn't work out there.. So i decided to write my manager an email saying I wasn't comforable with that because I have bad anxiety and really didn't want to travel that far away.. She was pretty rude about it for the most part but did say that, she thought I had been doing an excellent job, there are just small thing's to work on.. But it's pretty obvious she is the one telling the owner stuff because He is ALWAYS out of town, I have not seen him here since I first started.! She told me to email Him, and I might not like the answer He gives me, So i did email Him and explained to Him that I was a little confused by the whole matter and that I didn't feel comforable going out there, but He hasn't responded and I guess that's fine since He is out of town, but He is posting pics and talking to people on facebook, all from his phone, and he gets his email's to his phone. So I'm pretty anxious about that and I have been trying to Look for other jobs, but this one is just perfect because I can work on my school work here during the day, I'm applying to online school's, and it's so close to Home that I don't have to worry about a Car right now. So I'm not sure what's going on but that's on my mind & stressing me out!!

The end of the World stuff that has been all the talk has gotten me pretty nervous, I'm not gonna lie!!

Boy's are also on my mind, ugh! Do I go with my gut when it comes to a guy, but what If I dont know really what my gut or Heart are telling me?!

I'm stressssseeeeeedddddd!!!!!


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