hey to whoever is reading this, before i start i have to tell you a bit about my prehistory:

I am dealing with anxiety since i was a kid, but no one took my panic or anxiety attacks seriously, thats why i wasnt going to therapy for a long period of time. When i was around 13 i started selfharming and slowly everything got worse and worse. It was Summer last Year when i begged my mum to send me to therapy and im going there since November but everything got so much worse.

Btw my family doesnt know anything about my suicidal thoughts, attempts or selfharming but the last few days ive been very tempted to tell them whats going on( idk if anyone is even reading this, but if u are please tell me if i should tell them)

ANYWAYS this year has been the lowest i ever was and im literally hanging by a thread and maybe thats the last thing ive written, so bye i guess

  1. macy22 7 months ago

    you are more than what you’re going through. although it’s hard to talk to people i know you can do it

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  2. aziari 6 months ago

    Talking with family can be really difficult. But you need to reach out to someone, you deserve to have support. As hard as it is, you deserve to be heard.
    Take care and be well, you are not alone

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