she watches me. i sit there looking at a drawing i am working on. she wants my attention but i haven't yet given it to her. She start to meow. little cries. "oh, you want my attention!" i say, and she sticks her ass in my face with her tail up and walks away. she walks around the whole apartment, looking at me, making sure i am watching her. but she is playing hard to get.

i pick up a pen and start to write about her behavior, but within seconds, she is standing on top of my paper tring to force the pen out of my hand. PAY ATTENTION TO ME! she seems to cry. So i pat her. she gets into that relaxed, purring position she likes to be patted in, and i take my hand and rub behind her ears. She purrs and purrs, and i pat pat pat, and then she gets up, and walks over to a corner of the room. She sits for a minute and then walks over to her treats. She didn't want them when i offered them before, because she hasdn't been pet yet.

she eats her treats and when she is done, she looks at me, as if to thank me. "good kitty" i say, and she walks away, eager, as if on a mission… and she is. she's on a mission to find me a gift like no other gift. she wants to bring me a dead animal. i don't really want a dead animal, but her intentions are good.

fortunately the "dead animal" she brings me is a toy mouse. i think she really thinks its alive, because the day before i bought her the mouse, i found a baby bird lying in the parking lot for my building. i picked it up to try to help it, but it had broken its neck in the fall and within a minute or two, the bird died in my hands. it was very sad. i was going to burry it outside , but i thought, no, that will attract all kinds of gross animals and stuff. so i brought it inside to put it in a box or a bag, but Gizmo had her eyes on the bird from the second i took it in. she watches the birds in the window and jumps like a maniac thinking she will catch one, and here one was, in her living room.

it was difficult for me, but i put the bird down on some papers and let gizmo play with it for a few minutes. she had the happiest look on her face, like "thank you jymi! this is the best gift ever!!!!" so i smiled and told her good job, but it was hard to watch because i tred to help that bird.

but the bird had died, my cat is alive, and i gave her a fun time… and yeah, i think she thinks that the fur covered mouse is another dead animal. she's funny.


oh yeah, and she is such a brat. when i annoy her, i can tell by the look on her face, that she is going to pay me back for hurting her feelings. she doesn't actually attack me, but she will run up in my face from out of nowhere and scare the shit out of me, knock things over, or my favorite… when i am in the bathroom having a smoke, sitting on the edge of the bathtub, she sneaks behind the curtain, and then all of a sudden, she starts hitting me from behind the shower curtain. like oh my god… you little brat. heh heh.


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