The only way for “highly experienced OCD “professional” sufferers is to take medications on a REGULAR basis. Anidepressants for us like insulin for diabetics. Guys, since the age of 11 I have tried various techniques. Psycotherapy DOES NOT work our. Moreover it may work counter productively. Even medications are not lways effective if your are too much overworked. One the one hand workaholism is a very indicative feature for OCD people: during the work process OCD fits retreat, but they are here to stay, they are in the stand by mode waiting for you to finish and then take hold of you with a doubled vigor. Beware, don’t put too much work load, it will pay you off. By all means try to maintain sort of balanced daily routine( as far as you are able). Sleep is the best remedy and regulator. I have always been an awl, all the inspiration that takes hold of you after midnight will recoil on your OCD relapse. Now I am in transition to a “lark” destination. I am fully aware that OCD is an intrinsic part of me and I have to take care of it a sof any part of my body ( face, hands, eyes, hair and figure) Watching your OCD is like watching calories for people who are prone to wight gain.
And one more tip. Don’t indulge yourself into junk food! The more junk you eat the stronger is your OCD attck. It’s my experiential learning. I am a “professiona”l sufferer with around 30 years of experience. I first encounted this disorder in Russia when the doctors hardly had any idea of this illness and they didn’t even have the term for it. It’s only now when they have admitted to the OCD term but still regard it with neglegency due to the lack of competence.
Ironically I teach English for clinical pschology students in Israel and Obssession and Compultion are our key words in the textbooks:tongue:


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