well,hello follow tribe peoples? well i am writing this blog basiscally cause i have not wrote one n a bit to say hello n let some of u that i have made friends with know whats what! well as many know my husband passed 8/13/12 from heart/kidney faliure due to AIDS! after seeing him n severe pain i was left of the unknown out come of my status of dealing with it all along when i was the best wife ever n supported him til that very lasy minute!now since his passing he gave me strength then ever to know I AN LIVE,FIGHT THIS BATTLE N TO KNOW MY LIFE WAS WORTH LIVING N NOT ONLY HE GAVE ME STRENGTH,OUR 3 BABIES AGES 11,9,6 LETS ME KNOW MOMMY DADDY HAS WENT TO HEAVEN BUT WE WILL B RIGHT HERE FOR U! well, i switched doctors from the health dept to a actual infectious diease dr that deals with aids/hiv n many more dieases but he also was the one who had my husband n the hospital last yr n is a dang gud dr.well, december 2012 cd4 1164,vl undectected happy throughts then,as i go to dr's every 2 2 3mths,checked again n feb 2013 cd4 601 n vl stil undetected,so because of the dropping n my cd4 my dr is checking it again n april.here i go once a wk to the blood sucker they draw blood times 3 wks then fourth wk i go to the dr's!N DO NOT KNOW Y MY CD 4 WAS SO HIGH N IT DROPPED SO BADLY,ITS SCARY of the unknown!but i am not stressing cause him selfis not gonna let me go no where! I TAKE ALL MY MED'S LIKE SUPPOSE TO N STIL MY CD4 DROPPED LIKE CRAZY NA MATTER OF 2 2 3 MTHS N ITS LEFT ME SAYING WHATS GOING ON?MY DR REASSURED ME I WAS DOING ALL I COULD BUT ITS SCARY WHEN IT DROPS THAT FAST N U HAVE 3 BABIES AGES 11,9,6 WHO R YOUR WORLD GO EVERY WHERE WITH U,STAND RIGHT BY YOUR SELF THROUGH ALL EVEN MAKE SURE MOMMY TAKES HER MEDS EVERY SINGLE NIGHT,IF I DO NOT GET THEM N TAKE THEM ALL 3 BABIES MAKE SURE BFOR THEY GO TO BED FOR SCHOOL! SO I PRAY WHE I GO BCK N APRIL I FIND OUT WHATS REALLY GOING ON BUT REGARDLESS I AM GONNA HOLD MY HEAD UP N STILL B ME FOR ME N MY BABIES!! EVRYONE KNOW U R NOT ALONE WITH THIS DIESASE N THERE R LISTENING EARS N GOD HIMSELF WILL ANSWER YOUR PRAYERS SO EVERY ONE ON THAT NOTE B BLESSED!!

  1. turtletriplets03 10 years ago

    @someone thank u n love u sis!!

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  2. turtletriplets03 10 years ago

    @teckinquw thank u also n i am so trying to hold my head up!!its hard to cause me n da hubby were together for yrs but i have our babies to hold me up when i have down days!u all b blessed n take care!!

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