I have not been on Tribes in awhile due to the holidays and vacation.  But to my dismay, when I signed on today and caught up on the recent blogs, polls and bulletins, I found three polls concerning myself and my dear friend M’lady that really upset me.


First of all, is “The Truth Truthful?”…well, go to my page and read back in my older blogs when I first signed up and form your own opinion.  I have always answered any questions that my friends have asked me as honestly as I can without hurting people or name-calling.  Those of you on the Tribe who REALLY know me….know me!


Secondly, the two polls I read about M’lady sicken me that someone could be so vindictive or jealous, I am not sure what to call it.  Ladyintheback has no sexual connotation to the name nor should it be ridiculed like that by people who hide behind new nics and fake pics.  It seems to me, that there are certain people here….Sybil as I will call her….that needs to mind her own business and keep things told to her by her friend on a personal confidential level….confidential!  By not doing so, not only offends me but the person who confided in her.


We are here for SUPPORT and NOT TO TRASH ONE AND OTHER!  I am not going to mention Sybil’s real user name, but she knows who she is and now she knows that I know who she is.  This Sybil has befriended me and M’lady and others that she has trashed on several other sites and then turns around and writes these disgusting polls.  This is a very sick woman who was once banned from the Tribes and should not be allowed back.  What she did to another Triber (also supposedly a Sister) with her boyfriend on web cam saddens me that she would stoop to that level.  None of us have ever said a cross word to her or made fun of her many fake profiles or her silliness such as IG and a pic of Betty Boop on another, etc. etc….you get the picture.


And that is all I have to say.  Those of you that know myself and M’lady as a real friend, who have met us in person, or have talked in conversations in depth on the phone and on the Tribe, know that is absolutely ridiculous.  We are removing you from our friends’ list on all sites sometime this week.


Much Love Always To My Real Friends,

Ruth The Truth


Update on M’lady’s health.  She is still very sick and is going back to doctor this week for her knee.  She is waiting to be released to have shot treatments in the hospital for her back and knee.  She said she misses all of her TRUE friends and can’t wait to be able to get back on Tribes.  I will keep you posted.



  1. Author
    TheTruth1997 13 years ago

    You know what…I TOTALLY agree with that statement!!!!!

    Karma ALWAYS does!!!!!!!

    Ruth *smiles*

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  2. Author
    Bobby56 13 years ago

    I just came back to the tribe in Nov. and found the lack of M'lady and you……glad to see you are back and so sorry to hear about Nancy's condition.

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