I hate the Winter, it makes me feel sad and cold. I hate the snow because it makes everything so plain, it makes me un happy, I want to take my blowdryer outside right now and melt all the snow in my yard. I hat the naked exposed trees, they make me feel lonely.

I like the summer, sometimes. I like it when there is a tiny breeze and I can lay on the ground and let the sun warm me inside and out. Its peaceful until the stupid bugs try to crawl on me. I hate those stupid bugs! I love the summer until it makes me feel to hot and sticky. Then I hate the summer. I love the summer sitting under a tree in my frontyard reading a book. I love the full trees because they make me feel happier with thier leaves shining in the sun.

I love the spring. I love the rain, the flowers, the trees. I really love the rain. I love the smell of a thunderstorm aproaching. I love the feel of the cold rain on my skin in the warm air. I love running through the field in my back yard in the rain feeling like as I'm running I'm leaving everything behind. I love the intoxicating smell of the flowers all around my house, I love the slight warmth of the sun. I love the spring because it melts away the cold disgusting winter.

The fall is okay. I love the fruit, but the fall always feels like the start of work again. I hate the fall because the leaves fall off the trees, the sun gets to hot, the rain isnt as nice, and it smells like cow poop. I hate the fall because they noisily take the crops down in the field and make stupid fogs of dust. I love the fall when they take the crops down because then I can see the never ending stretch of the fields.

Why does winter have to be so long? Why can't spring last longer? Why does summer fly by so fast with no rain? Why does fall have to start boring routines filled with work?

Weather changes moods.-Nirvana


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