So my fiance is looking into joining the National Guard. As I believe I've stated in a previois blog..he's always been wishy washy with his career path, while I've always known I want to become a therapist. So I think joining the National Guard can be good for him. And he'd be in the reserves which means he wouldn't be away for long bits at a time for the first couple years…only maybe two days a month..something like that. We're getting more detail this Monday at an appointment. While the income would be VERY helpful and I can see it benefitting him as a person, It's also lame for the obvious reasons. For example, the four month boot camp he'd have tobe away from me and our sons for. I don't know how I'm supposed to be able to explain why dad's gone to my two year old boys. They've always been so attached to us because we always make sure that our schedules are opposite fromone another so one of us can watch them while the other is away. Joining the National Guard would completely change our family dynamic, Scary but exciting at the same time. I'm just ready for change. I've felt like our lives have been stagnant for as couple years now [aside, of course from the birth of our sons] so change would be good. Off topic, this is my second week of classes. I already like my intro to painting class, even though most of what we're learning right now is stuff I already now. Math doesn't seem as painful. English turneed out to be a hybrid class >.<, and Philosophy I am undecided on because the class seems to be the quiet and "boring" one of the bunch, at no fault to the topic of the class. I hope everyone's doing good. I've been a bit of a grouch lately but am working on it.


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