I'm not sure if this has anything to do with OCD…BUT!

I've been working at revamping my resume for a Social Service Worker job for quite some time. The College I graduated from offered a really good resume building site and I took full advantage. I had no clue where to start with my resume, but my old one just wouldn't cut it!

Anyways, it's *ALMOST* done. For a lot of my job descriptions for the jobs (or the placement experience), I searched online for job descriptions for certain places hiring. (For instance, I worked at a shelter, so, I looked up online what people hiring for shelter's require and obtained some good points to write down and change into my own wording.

Anyways, I wanted an opinion on the resume … so I sent it to a Social Service Worker friend also looking for work in the field. (Although she's looking for a part-time so she can be with daughter). Stupid thing for me to do! She said that she REALLY liked my points and was going to use them!!! I said that was OK, but now I'm worried that maybe she's going to copy all of my points word-for-word and use them! (She had previously been in a shelter positon.) '

I know she can't possibly copy the ENTIRE thing, (she had different placement experiences), but she'd probably copy the 'Qualifications' section whcih I had worked so hard on. She told me that her resume was entirely different!

Now I'm up late obsessing over my STUPID error. I deleted the link to my resume which has relieved some anxiety but now I just want to change the words on it and cry! I worked so hard; imagine if she ripped off most of it!?! Now what to do? How can I re-work it? It was basically perfect!

I have some points I can think of not to worry, like:  she didn't have all of the same placement experiences or jobs (like she didn't work with brain injured people), and she has little to no interest in finding a lot of Social Service Worker jobs. (She has a daughter and feels comfortable with her 7/11 job). I know she's my friend but I think maybe absently mindedly she may just copy and paste. I also acknowledge that she probably won't be looking into the same jobs as me-or applying in anything other than what she wanted. (She wants specifically a night-time youth shelter job.)

I don't want to remake the entire thing after working so hard but what can I do? I just didn't think she'd copy all of it … just some points. But now I'm obsessing over it! it's 1:43 AM and I can't sleep.

The Social Services are a VERY competitive work thing. Whta happens if she shares my resume with another? I doubt this but gah!!! Imagine if apply at the same places or if she applies first and lands a job? Man!!! And even if she never does; I still feel like's going to carry all of the information I worked hard for.

How can I sleep? How could I have been so stupid? I really did a good job and I don't get why I didn't think about it. This wouldn't be the first time people liked what I wrote…in my past, relatives and friends for school would sometimes copy word-for-word what I wrote…-_-

So, I changed the format (it looks a little different), now I just need to alter some wording…and keep track of the job search sites.

Is this OCD or am I just distressed at losing something I worked so hard on? It's just so difficult to find some relaxing now that the damage could be quietly done…


Sorry for my rants. Hope I can sleep soon…







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  1. tpmnight 12 years ago

    Yes – it sounds alot like the many nights (and days) I've spent obsessing over something. Of course you're upset over how hard you worked on your resume, but just from reading how your thoughts are running I would guess that the old OCD is kicking in overtime.

    I don't think you were being stupid, just helpful to a friend who saw some really good qualities in your resume and thought it would aid her in her own job search for a different job. You mentioned that she wanted a part-time, night-time shelter job. And the chances of her showing your resume to another person are very small. 

    We all understand what you're going through. I know it's hard to see any other side when you're in the middle of an obsession, but this will all turn out OK.  You should definately submit your resume the way you wrote it. Sounds like it's a very good one! 

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